"Parque de los Cuentos" Museum

tale museum - competition -1st prize
authors: manuel aires mateus + javier lópez + ramón pico
project team: jorge p. silva, neus beneyto, carlos martínez, javier acedo, vânia fernandes, andré passos
museography: izaskun chinchilla
engineer: AFAconsult
location: málaga, españa
date: 2007 (competition) - 2009 (basic project) 2010 (construction project)


Confronted with an unquestionably dignified historic legacy, it was decided to preserve it and make it the feature of the program and the image. The 17th century convent holds all the exhibition areas. The project designs the entrance, the rout and all the zones preceding the actual tour. The entrance is dug into the base of one of the existing buildings, on a long, narrow plan. A narrow passageway penetrates the precinct, distancing us from commonplace shapes. The corridor culminates in a dome-shaped reception space, the center of this reception area. This dome is perforated by another running in the opposite direction, providing views of the convent from a lower level. This large, empty, secret, and sheltered space is also shaped by the presence of the auditorium, the media library and the entrance to the top floor. This entrance, which brings us into contact once again with the reality of the old convent, leads to the access point used historically to enter this universe of construction and voids.