Lisbon Cruise Terminal

lisbon cruise terminal - competition - 2nd prize
authors: manuel aires mateus + gonçalo byrne + jorge p. silva
project team: neus beneyto, rosário mascarenhas, anzai mizuho
engineer: AFAconsult
location: lisbon, portugal
date: 2010


The history of the city could be told through its own relation with the river. The evolution of the city urban form adapts itself to construction and public space molds, which alternates between the longitudinality parallel to the river, and the transversality perpendicular to it. On this proposal, interests are in favor spatiality to the detriment of form. In the project the architectonic shape is a kind of temporal reminiscence of the cultural memory of the city, At the boundary of the memory, space and light, and with it, time, are excavated. More than a mimesis of the formal system of the harbor warehouses from the beginning of the past century, interests the contemporary interpretation that goes from the system character of that presence. Coming from a legacy more cultural than tactile, the new perpendicular architecture is caved, pierced, delimited, defining a spatiality and temporality that contain some of the diverse spheres which travel between a 'ship-city', strongly fictitious, and the real city.