final project

final project - luís vives high school
author: neus beneyto falagán
tutors: vicente gonzález-móstoles, íñigo magro de orbe, manuel portaceli
location: valencia, spain
university: school of architecture of valencia (ETSAV)
grade: 9/10
date: 2005-2006

The thesis of this Final Project is abstract: to suppose that, there where nowadays and back in the 16th Century is a convent building, exists the emptiness. There is then the extraordinary opportunity of creating a new architecture at the historical center, keeping the current function of High School. The location is interesting both from the historical point of view (on the inner boundary of the layout of the old city wall), and from the contemporary point of view. Thus, the proposed building raises from the floor, letting the public space to flow at ground level, allowing the city to extend itself beyond the limits given by the city lines. The program is divided in order to offer a semi-basement open to the city, with its sports and cultural facilities, focusing the academic spaces on the privacy of the upper levels. The school is organized within a system of patios and corridors that both illuminate and isolate the classrooms from the exterior. The façade is thought based in reinforced concrete self-bearing elements that create a scale and a rhythm that respond to the importance of the context.